Tuesday, June 19, 2007

E2.0 How Video And Other Web2.0 Tech is Changing the Enterprise

Marthin De Beer, of Cisco, talked about change. The current crop of college students has grown up with Web2.0. They may have never known the internet without these technologies. They are used to having an on-line presence. They are probably going to want to bring the experience they are used to having on their social consumer sites into the enterprise. They want to use and will use the tools regardless of whether they are inside or outside the firewall. So Enterprise 2.0 is coming, whether or not the enterprise is responsible for them.

Mashups started in the music industry combining different music sources into a new song. He things they will eventually include video mashups.

Each users unique persona at home, at work and in the applications are blending together. The private network and public network are blending. The user just wants the best information regardless of whether it is inside or outside the enterprise. He thinks the boundaries of social networking, collaborations and entertainment are going to blend and swirl together.

He is looking ahead to the portability of processing power of mobile devices. Compare the processing power of the phone in your pocket compared to what you had 3 years ago. [Are the data limitations of the mobile phone networks going to limit this?] He sees the future of any media, anywhere on any device.

Consumers, prosumers (very talented consumers publishing information) and professionals. The web is new platform for prosumers to find an audience without having to go through major media companies. Professionals are still trying to find the right business model on the web.

He thinks telepresence should be included as part of the E2.0 collaboration toolbox. Cisco has has 12,000 telepresence meetings over the past 6 months.

Video is an experiential medium. If a picture can tell a 1,000 words, then video can tell millions. It is also the fastest growing medium in Web 2.0. The numbers going up on YouTube are staggering.

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