Thursday, June 14, 2007

Experience Tracking at Morrison & Foerster

Oz Benamram forwarded this response to me:

"The main problem with most "experience/expertise" systems on the market is that they are manual: you have to rely on attorneys to PROVIDE the information, while, in fact, you (read: software) can find out most of the information and ask the attorney only to APPROVE or CORRECT it.

As Doug [that's me] suggested in his follow up blog (, there are several ways to collect that data and aggregate it in a meaningful way without involving attorneys. A few examples for existing information that you can leverage are your docket system (jurisdiction), accounting information (matter profile and hours billed), HR system (users profile and affiliations), documents and email correspondence (parties, roles, locations, relationships, you name it…)

In the image below (if the listserv will allow to send an image…[it did not]) you can see a search within AnswerBase for active appellate cases, where we represent financial institutions in the context of commercial litigation. You can be as specific as court, or judge, or even use full text to search for specific issues.


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