Monday, July 16, 2007

ILTA Conference

I just signed up for the International Legal Technology Association's Educational Conference. As I have found with most conference websites, there is lots of information but it is hard to piece together. In particular, I found it hard to plan my itinerary for which sessions I wanted to attend.

As I devoted user of Google Calendars, I went ahead and set up a calendar for the conference tracks. I first set up one calendar with all the sessions, but I found that it was too full and hard to view. Instead I set up a separate calendar for each track. That way it is easy to add and subtract sessions. Also, each track gets a separate color designation. These should all be public so feel free to add them to your Google Calendar.

Interwoven Peer Group

Applications Track

Business Strategy Track

Communications and Collaboration Tools Track

Social Events

InterAction Peer Group Details

Knowledge Management Track

So far, I have only set up calendars for the tracks that interest me. I will add others over the course of the next few days.

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  1. Very cool idea to use Google Cal like this. Of course, this is a year I am not going to the conference due to other projects going on, but I know where to look next year for schedules.


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