Friday, July 13, 2007

15 Productive Uses for a Wiki

Leo Babuta, of Web Worker Daily, put together his list of 15 Productive Uses for a Wiki .

We recently established a wiki for our KM team to see if would be a better way to collaborate and share information.

Each member of the team was keeping their own meeting notes and project notes. We would email links to test projects and news. As a result, each team member has their own silos of information. At meetings we would spend a fair amount of time going back over the same information. With the wiki, that information is getting centralized and shared.

The hard part is de-siloing the information. My collections of emails and stacks of paper need to be synthesized and the information put into the wiki. Rather than going about it in any sort of methodical way, I am just adding information as I turn to work on projects.

It is transformative process and is taking time to build. But, I can quickly find the information I am looking for (quicker than trying to sort through email chains.)

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