Thursday, October 4, 2007

Conference Live Blogging

The Boston KM Forum this week was the first conference I attended that I did not live blog since I started blogging. I was surprised at how alien I found the experience. I was writing down my notes instead of typing them. I kept wanting to look up the presenter's background information, links to the subjects and links to studies they mentioned.

I intended to live blog, but I chose a bad place to sit and had technical problems. It certainly reinforced by belief that conference blogging is a great way to capture a presentation and my thoughts on the presentation.

Dave Snowden was live blogging at the conference and was able exchange some posts, comments and connections during the conference. My notes felt very cold and stale when I started assembling them later in the day.

Dave Snowden point out some conference blogging tips from Bruno Giussani and Ethan Zuckerman that he found at TED: Lunch over IP: Tips for conference bloggers - for downloading.

I also came across Josh Hallett's Hyku post on How to Blog a Conference.

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