Friday, October 5, 2007

Wikis and Facebook

Web 2.0 technologies are starting to overlap, merge and mash together. Over the last few days I have heard of two wiki applications for Facebook.

Wetpaint released their Wetpaint Wiki Whiteboard application for Facebook. Wikimono released their Facebook wiki.

I do not think I have much use for a wiki application on my Facebook profile. But, I would love to see a wiki application in the Facebook Groups. So far, I am bit underwhelmed by the groups function in Facebook. It is great that you can send a message to the whole group and use the wall and discussion board. I am not sure why there is a wall and a discussion board. I would really like the ability to add applications to the group and have applications developed for groups. A group wiki is the first thing that came to mind.


  1. I totally agree about the groups aspect of facebook - I love facebook for maintaining contact with people I would otherwise not talk to a lot, but the group functions really only acts like a badge currently - you join groups with names that inspire you, confirm your beliefs etc and everybody can see that you are part of that group, but the actual group communication seems very limited - the wall posts in most groups seem to be inane comment, like people are attempting to connect with the group but are confused about what they should be doing in that space.

  2. Ben -

    I am similarly frustrated with LinkedIn groups. There is so much potential to allow greater communications and better collaboration within the group.


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