Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wikis in Law Firms

PBWiki put together a Whitepaper: Wikis in the enterprise. Here are a few key quotes that may entice you to read the whitepaper:
"As Wikipedia has demonstrated, anyone can use a wiki without any special instruction or training. This comes in handy within the enterprise, especially for informal collaboration, where limited time and resources preclude a formal training program."
"Low barriers to entry will help encourage your users to experiment with wikis and ease of use encourages them to keep exploring new uses for the wiki. This incremental approach allows organizations to adopt wiki technology informally and from the bottom up, rather than requiring a major top-down effort to reengineer the enterprise."
We have been using PBWiki to host our knowledge management projects wiki for the last nine months.

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  1. Hey Doug:

    Good finding your blog. You might want to contact ex-Yahooer Scott Schnaars ( of to get his take on wikis inside companies. He definitely has something to sell, but he is willing to evangelize his take on wikis for an intro.

    -- Jerry


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