Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogging in SharePoint 2007

The Firm has taken its first steps into Enterprise 2.0. Using SharePoint's blog platform we launched our first blog today. Mark Puzella, David Hosp and Robert O'Connell started their Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secrets Blog.

They put up four posts the first day and a had handful of comments. (The comments were mostly the authors trying out the comments feature on the blog.)

In early April, we upgraded our intranet to SharePoint 2007. The blog feature works great in SharePoint. Certainly you can't add on the numerous widgets and other tools that you could with WordPress or Blogger. You can add categories to the posts. At first we thought you were limited to one category per post, but quickly found the setting to allow multiple categories per post.

Most of our planned uses for blogs are targeted at hosting firm announcements. It was great to have lawyers dive in and want a real law blog. I hope the Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secrets Blog will be a beacon showing other lawyers the power of blogging inside the enterprise. This may also lead to some external blogs.

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  1. Here is (if still needed one) of the market craze for Sharepoint 2007.

    You may want to have a look on CKS project (On Codeplex.com or my blog), you may find some interesting tools to develop your KM platform.

    Nice blog to read also !


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