Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 In Action: Pfizer

This session will cover what Pfizer is doing with Enterprise 2.0 technologies. In particular we shall focus on the story of how this came about inside Pfizer and the eventual management buy in, incorporating the role played by our internal Discussion Group about the World Wide Web (DIGWWW) blog and the now famous "Meet Charlie" slide deck.

- Simon Revell, Manager of Enterprise 2.0 Technology Development, Pfizer Ltd

My Notes:

Simon started off with "eat your own dogfood." So his group started up their own portal. They used edgy graphics because they thought they were being cutting edge. They were looking toward ways to inspire new approaches to collaboration within the company. They wanted to influence the technology direction of the company.

Anyone can contribute. Those contributors can then be targeted as evangelists and you can find the believers in the organization.

First steps:
  • Lots of nervousness "who gave you permission to do this"
  • they used repeated reminders and urging to post
Pfizerpedia was started by some researchers at a different branch. Simon latched onto it. They were not concerned about the proliferation of different wiki platforms.

He went to the "Meet Charlie" slide presentation from Scott Gavin.

And did his own derivation: "Meet Jessica"

He found blogs to have a barrier to adoption peoples' perception of blogs is negative. So Simon rarely used the term.

Pfizerpedia looks like it is made on Mediawiki and re-skinned. They have 10,000+ articles.

Regulatory affairs division started using the platform. They use it to capture best practices. They want ideas fast and reactions fast. In Pfizerpedia, within 2 weeks they doubled the number of people that were providing reactions and feedback.

They have a pilot tagging platform open source and a second with Connectbeam.

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