Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Real Enterprise 2.0 @ Sony Computer Entertainment's World Wide Studios

This session offers a compelling review of the actual enterprise 2.0 systems used at Sony Computer Entertainment's World Wide Studios (SCE-WWS). The speaker will demonstrate SHIP, their collaboration portal at SCE-WWS and discuss the company's Enterprise 2.0 architecture. This informative talk explains the requirements for a real-world, large enterprise that drove their Enterprise 2.0 strategy, and discusses the history of the project and how the company has been organized around it. The speaker will focus on what criteria drove vendor selection and what the company did to make it work after selection.

Speaker - Ned Lerner, Director of Tools and Technology, Sony Computer Entertainment

My Notes:

Ned supports the game developers for Playstation.

After a length technical delay trying to get his speaker notes to work. Ned claims that this will be be a meat and potatoes presentation (as opposed to the uncooked rice from Oracle).

He went into screen shots.

Wikis are default game development documentation

Why did the build the platform? They needed a directory, a forum, a tracker, they need search. The document and email paradigm does not work. The tools need to be fully custom and lightly customized.

Enterprise security rules are a difficult obstacles. Projects vary from open to very secret.

Data ownership the require systems to have information in xml. They want to own their information and do what they want with it. He is frustrated with vendors who have closed APIs and proprietary ways of pushing out their information. They need to pull and push information across the information silos.

They do want a common visual style with a single sign-on and a single search interface.

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