Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beyond Wikis and Blogs

We are continuing to roll out wikis at The Firm and getting ready to push out internal blogs. Wikis are rapidly gaining traction at The Firm. We now have more wiki pages than conventional web pages on our intranet.

With this success, I am thinking ahead to what is coming next. An article by Ashley Jones in E Content Magazine gave me some ideas: Studies Suggest That Enterprise Social Media Will Change the Face of Business.
Though many companies already have enterprise-wide wikis and blogs to promote collaboration, enterprise social networking brings something a little different to the table. "We’re huge fans of wikis and blogs, but they don’t do a good job of helping users find those people who would be interested in collaborating in a wiki in the first place," notes [Peter Biddle, VP of development for Trampoline, which offers its SONAR suite—a portal delivered via API that provides tools for employees to locate experts, connect, and collaborate.]

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