Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unlearn What You Have Learned

In making the case for enterprise 2.0 and web 2.0, there is usually the argument about showing the return on investment from the CIO and CMO. I ran across the Afterthought column in E Content magazine by David Meerman Scott: Unlearn What You Have Learned.
"I suggest that when people are faced with the inevitable push back from executives about "the ROI thing" to ask the executives a few questions: 1) Have you answered a direct mail ad or visited a tradeshow as an attendee? (Nearly all answer "No.") 2) Have you used Google or another search engine? (Nearly all answer "Yes.") OK, I then ask, why are we putting all our marketing resources into the old stuff such as tradeshow booths and direct mail instead of the things that people are using today?"

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  1. Hey Doug

    It's amazing the reaction I get when I ask the muckety-mucks these questions. It does help to show the reasoning behind reaching buyers on the web. David


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