Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Twitter and Lawyers (and Legal Professionals)

Adrian Lurssen over at JD Scoop put together a list of lawyers and legal professionals on Twitter: 145 Lawyers (and Legal Professionals) to Follow on Twitter. The list started at 145 and has grown to 180. Tweet Adrian @jdtwit if you are not on the list. I have picked up a dozen or so followers already. I am @dougcornelius.

If you are not familiar with Twitter it is open communications platform, operating like an open instant messaging platform. Since it is an open platform, there are many programs that can tie into your twitter account and twitter feeds.  The folks over at Common Craft can explain it better than I can:

To find out more about Twitter, try some of these:
Or just sign up for Twitter. It does not cost anything except a few minutes of your time.

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