Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enterprise Search at Procter & Gamble

Bud Miyahara, Section Manager, Procter & Gamble shared his company's take on enterprise search during the webinar: FROM VISION TO REALITY: ENTERPRISE SEARCH AT PROCTER & GAMBLE.

The user experience is guided by consumer websites and searches. Internally, the content does not have as wide a variety of information. You need to meet their expectations.

The companies internal search average was 1.58 words which is much less than the 2.7 word average on the internet. A huge number of queries were for acronyms. Over half of the queries were not in their search engine (the search did not return relevant results).

The user benefit they were looking for:
Find the documents you need, the people you should talk to, and the places to look more efficiently than before. Reduce the time spent searching for information, increase the time to make productive connections, and enable action.
The company chose Vivisimo. They liked the end-user experience. What came out of the box was close to what they wanted.  They also like the clustering of Vivisimo.  They also liked the flexibility of connectors and architecture. They ended up with rapid deployment, going from start to live in 8 weeks.

Bud struggled with the ROI on enterprise search. His advice:
  • Throw hard numbers away 
  • Possibility of increase in employee productivity
  • Reduced rework around the globe
  • Increased number of searches being performed
  • Search as the “glue”

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