Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008

As things are winding down here at KM Space, I thought I would offer up a look back at 2008.

Below are the top ten blog posts viewed over the past year. I pulled up the top content list from Google Analytics. I am not sure these are the best posts or the most interesting posts. But they are the most visited.

1. Sharepoint Wiki Disaster. A post highlighting two of the fatal flaws of Sharepoint's wikis.

2. Wikis in Sharepoint. Some images of Goodwin's Sharepoint wikis, including one of the (few) great features.

3. About this Blog and Doug Cornelius. This is a lesson to you other bloggers. Your readers want to know who you are and more about you.

4. Maps on Sharepoint. I never did get around to setting up maps on Goodwin's Sharepoint intranet.

5. Facebook at Law Firms: Cannot be Banned. An old post that first got me interested in Facebook and how law firms could use Facebook.

6. Making Wikis Work - Success Factors. I point out some of the great uses we found for wikis at Goodwin Procter.

7. Tacit Versus Explicit Knowledge. I point out that writing something down is not enough.

8. Wikis at The Rosen  Law Firm. A great success story on the adoption of a wiki by a law firm.

9. Lawyers, Law Students and Facebook. A study of the numerous Facebook groups for law firms.

10. Blogger and My Blackberry. It just goes to show that you can generate interesting content when you are trapped in a delayed airplane.

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