Thursday, January 31, 2008

Search and Law Firm Knowledge Management 2.0

Findability is a keystone of knowledge management and is a keystone of law firm knowledge management 2.0. The goal is get information out of inaccessible locations and into accessible locations and putting it into context.

If the information is in an accessible then it should be search-able. Is the reverse true? If I search for it, can I find it?

One goal of law firm knowledge management 2.0 is to reduce the number of places people need to search to find the information they need. Email has one search, the document management system has another search, the expertise system has another, the intranet has its own search, the CRM system has its own siloed search and the KM system stands by itself.

We need to unite the searches to make it easier to find stuff. Otherwise the first step of the search is searching for the right place to search.

Enterprise search will be a key tool in law firm knowledge management system. The search should unite the content in the various systems. So if I search, I find it.

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