Friday, February 1, 2008

Summary of Law Firm Knowledge Management 2.0

This series on Law Firm Knowledge Management 2.0 focused on the suite of technologies coming into place that will allow expansion and change in the way we approach knowledge management at law firms. (Although I think this is true for all companies, not just law firms.)
These are just technology tools. At its core knowledge management is about collaboration and sharing. Different people and different groups communicate and collaborate in different ways. As a knowledge management professional, I focus on bringing people together to communicate and collaborate. I want to give them tools to make it easier for them to communicate and collaborate.

In starting this tread about law firm knowledge management 2.0, I wanted to emphasize that the existing "1.0" technology tools and the growing list of web 2.0 /enterprise 2.0 tools are just giving people better ways to communicate and collaborate. The list of tools will get longer and longer. We need to embrace them and find the best way to deploy them across the enterprise and make sure the content is findable.


  1. Doug,
    Will you be writing more about your firm's enterprise 2.0 platform that you mentioned in your "Blogs and Law Firm KM 2.0" post on 1/31/08? I hope so!

  2. Patrick -

    More will definitely be coming. I just had my first views of the new prototype this week and gave a preview to the knowledge management steering committee. The liked, I liked it, the team liked it. We are now charging ahead for a March launch.

  3. Doug:

    Thank you for putting together this summary series for us. I especially enjoyed your discussion of the use of blogs as knowledge management tools.



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