Friday, June 13, 2008

Wrap Up of Enterprise 2.0

My brain is full after spending most of the week at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. I ran into lots of great ideas and lots of interesting and smart people.

At last year's conference, it was like a light came down from the sky to show me what had been missing from my knowledge management practice. It transformed my approach to knowledge management and my life. I often start my presentations by saying they are about Enterprise 2.0 and Doug 2.0.

This year's conference was not about the transformation, but more about reaping the benefits of that transformation. I was asked to speak on a panel. I put together a panel for un-conference portion. I met people from around the world. I spent time with colleagues.

It was a great four days.

Meeting People:

The highlight of conference was the face-to-face meetings with people I have been communicating with since last year's conference. Web 2.0 is about being form these communities and communicate with people all around the world and with people in your backyard that you are just not able to see on a regular basis. I really enjoyed hanging out with Stephen Collins/Trib of AcidLabs and Luis Suarez of I have been a big fan of those two for a while.

From my backyard, it was great to spend time with Jessica Lipnack, Jeff Stamps, Sharon Wilson, David Hobbie, Anne Stemlar, Andy McAfee, Jack Vinson, Patti Anklam and Dan Keldsen.

It was great to make some new friends: Bill Ives, Lee Bryant of Headshift, Matt Simpson of IBM and Chris McGrath of ThoughtFarmer.

I wish I was able to spend more time with Laura Fitton of Pistachio Consulting, Mark Masterson of CSC and Carl Frappaolo of AIIM.

A special thanks to Maggie Fox of Social Media Group for organizing and paying for dinner on Wednesday. She put on an impressive display of how to eat a lobster.

Keynotes Presentations:

If you have some time, there are videos available for the keynote speakers. These are the ones that I think are most worth watching:

My Session Notes:

I try to live blog from conference so I have my notes in one easy to access place. I hope they give some value to you as well.


  1. Years of practice, Doug - years of practice:)

    Nice to have met you - glad you enjoyed dinner!

  2. Fantastic wrap up and coverage of the conference! Thanks.

  3. Doug - whew, that's a lot of live blogging, eh? Thanks again for the writeups of our presentations, and great to catch up once again!

    Incidentally, it's only through your coverage, that I finally found the video of our keynote. I'm proud to count you as of one of my 1423 friends! ;) (See Carl? This 2.0 stuff really works!)

    To your comment re: Carl - I'm sure we can get Carl out of the office for lunch sometime in the near term. Shouldn't be that hard since your office is all of two blocks away, eh?


  4. Hi Doug:

    Thanks so much for live-blogging this for those of use who weren't there. I'm glad you managed to meet Laura Fitton and Maggie Fox. Aren't they great? (Many of my worlds collided with this conference--this social media thing is making the world a lot smaller!)


  5. Great job blogging the event Doug, and really nice to meet you. Thanks for the CDO upper floors collapsing onto lower floors metaphor - I learned something there.

  6. thanks for the treasure trove of information. most of my morning is going to be spent exploring your links :)

  7. Thank you so much.You did very nice.Exploring the blog gives you update knowledge.


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